Fall Baseball

2018 Fall Baseball Calendar

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Evaluation Week (all at Academy Park) — NOTE NEW SCHEDULE:

High School, Monday, July 23, 2018 6:30pm at Academy Park
Pony (13-15 years old), Tuesday, July 24, 2018 6:30pm at Academy Park
AAA (11-12 years old), Wednesday, July 25, 2018 6:30pm at Academy Park
AA (9-10 years old), Thursday, July 26, 2018 6:30pm at Academy Park
A-Major (7-8 years old), Friday, July 27, 2018 6:30pm at Academy Park
A-Minor (6-7 years old), Saturday, July 28, 2018 9:30am at Academy Park

Fall Baseball Frequently Asked Questions
What is “Fall Ball”?
The GJLS Fall leagues offer a full schedule of games for kids who just want to hone thier skills for next season or who just want to keep playing in the fall. Most kids will play at the same level as they did in the spring/summer league; others whose petitions to “play up” to the next level are granted will get an opportunity to challenge themselves by competing against older players.
What levels of play are offered?
Each fall GJLS offers leagues at the follwoing levels: 7U (Coach Pitch); 8U (half coach/half kid pitch); 10U; 12U; 14U; and 17U. Generally speaking, kids should sign up for the league that corresponds to the same level at which they played in the spring. Age divisions and further explanations are available here.
When does Fall Ball start and end?
The GJLS fall baseball program starts each year in mid-August and continues through mid-October.

Who can play Fall Ball?
Players from around Central Ohio register to play in the program each fall; numerous players from outside Gahanna travel to Gahanna to compete in our Fall leagues at all levels. Travel team players are eligible to participate in the GJLS Fall baseball program The league has developed a reputation around Columbus as a high-quality baseball program. It received glowing remarks recently from a Pickerington parent and coach, who said “it was a great value and very well organized.”

When can I sign up to play Fall Ball?
Sign-ups for Fall Baseball begin in June on line.  Registration information is also posted on the GJLS website and at the various concession stand locations.

How often do you practice or play games?
Plan on practicing and/or playing games at least twice each week. Some coaches may schedule three practices each week during the pre-season. You may also have a third game or practice during the week after the season begins. Some leagues play doubleheaders on weekends in the Fall. Some coaches may schedule additional practices.

Do I need to buy a uniform?
GJLS provides each player with a Major League replica hat & jersey, and coordinating socks. The players must supply their own pants, shoes, bats, and fielders glove. Most teams wear white pants, however some teams may decide on their own to wear gray or pinstripes.

How much are registration fees?
The fees vary based on the level of play. Look at the Fall Baseball registration form for fees in the various GJLS leagues.

Who do I make my check payable to?
“Gahanna Junior League Sports, Inc.” or just “GJLS”

What is a “Non-Resident Fee”?
The City of Gahanna imposes and collects a $20 fee for Non-residents of Gahanna. Please see our general FAQ section for a further explanation.

What are the “Evaluations”?
All players must attend the Fall evaluation/tryout for his/her league. The evaluation is opportunity for the coaches to see the players before teams are drafted so that GJLS can try to evenly distribute players onto teams. However, all players properly registered are placed on a GJLS team regardless of ability.

How does my child get placed on a team?
After the evaluation, GJLS will conduct a player draft for the league. Coaches, using their evaluation notes, will take turns selecting from the pool of eligible players. Coaches continue selecting players until all eligible players have been selected. Players who do not attend the evaluation tryout are placed on teams randomly.

How do I know what team my child is on?
Within a few days after your league’s draft, you should be contacted by your child’s coach. You may contact your league commissioner or any GJLS Board Member if you have not heard from your coach within a few days following your league’s evaluation and draft.

Will my child be on the same team every year?
No. Fall baseball teams do not return players to the same team each season. Coaches may pre-select a set number of players (the number differs depending on the league); all others are entered in the draft for Fall ball.

Does GJLS honor ride-share requests?
Unfortunately, ride share requests are not guaranteed due to prior abuses of the privilege. Unfortunately, GJLS experienced too many illegitimate requests involving highly-skilled players. This interferes with the league’s efforts to evenly distribute talented players. Requests or extreme hardship cases may be presented to the league Commissioner and the Board of Directors for consideration. Sufficient evidence of need must be presented to support the request. Otherwise, you may request ride share consideration, but there is no promise or guarantee that your request will be honored.

What is Concession Stand duty?
Every parent/guardian is required to work in the concession stand as scheduled by their coach. Generally, this means that you will work at most three or four times in the stand over the course of the season. Usually it is only for half of the game each time you work. GJLS assigns concession duty only to the teams who are playing near the stand. This allows the parents to watch their child when they come to bat or play in the field. Speak to a Board member, coach, or an “experienced” GJLS parent if you want more information.

Can I pay an extra fee to avoid working in the concession stand?
No. This option was eliminated prior to the start of the 2003 season. The stands need to be staffed in order for GJLS to survive financially. Allowing parents to opt out by paying a fee meant the other parents on the team had to work more often and resulted in a shortage of available workers. Therefore working is mandatory for every parent.

How can I become a coach?
If you are interested in coaching, just complete a GJLS Coach Application and turn it in at or before registration. You can find a blank application in the “Handouts” section of the website.

How can I volunteer my services to GJLS?
Just speak to any GJLS Board Member or coach at registration or attend a GJLS meeting. You may also complete a Volunteer Form and return it to GJLS.

When are GJLS meetings held?
Check the calendar on the GJLS website for meeting dates, times, and locations. Board meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the first full week of each month. Board meetings are held throughout the year.

Note: The GJLS Constitution and Regulations is the governing document for the league. The above is general information only and should not be construed to be the official rules of the league.